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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1:


What companies do I get to learn about if I join SWB? How will talking to these industry professionals benefit me?
The Society of Women in Business prides itself in its professional connections with a variety of companies in various industries. In the past, we have worked with companies like Amazon, Protiviti, Bank of America, Crowe, Synchrony, and more! Learn more about these companies as well as the the student opportunities offered. By speaking with industry professionals, you will be able to develop a better understanding of the opportunities available to you as well as build connections and expand your network.
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FAQ 2:


How does the SWB mentor program work? What kinds of things can I learn from my mentor?
The mentor program is designed where the mentee will fill out a survey asking them about their professional goals, their current major or the major they want to learn more about, year in school, hobbies, personal interests, and more. From there, we take these factors and match the mentee with a mentor whose professional and personal goals, interests, and experiences best align with the mentee's goals and interests. What you can gain from being a mentee in this program is resume feedback, mock interviews, getting your questions answered about different career paths and opportunities, and being able to learn more about all things related to campus like majors, classes, RSO's, etc. The mentoring program allows for you to connect with someone 1-1 to support you and answer all of your questions. This program will strengthen your network while helping you grow as a business professional and student at UIUC.
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FAQ 3:


If I am not a business major, how can SWB help me? What if I want to transfer into the Gies College of Business?
SWB supports students from a variety of different academic backgrounds. Not only do events help students gain a better sense of the business world and develop professionally, they also open up opportunities to learn more about yourself personally. Our mentoring, social, and service events help students learn about what they want, even if it is outside of business. If members find their interests lead them to the Gies College of Business, SWB provides insight into the ICT process and best practices to the application process.
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FAQ 4:


What kinds of events do SWB members get to participate in and how do they better their community through these events?
Through the Service Pillar, SWB members are able to participate in a wide range of philanthropy based events throughout the semester. Events hosted in the past involve a combination of fundraising and hands-on activities focused on a particular cause or movement. Members are able to make an impact on campus and in the surrounding community through engaging with the philanthropic interests of the organization!
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FAQ 5:


How can I build relationships with people just like me who want to learn more about business?
You can build relationships with your peers and expand your network by attending social events! Most events are tailored to be very interactive and let members get a chance to get to know each other in a stress free way. Examples of events we did this year were bowling, scavenger hunts, and trivia.
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FAQ 5:


What if I do not know what I want to major in or am unsure about how to select a career path?
For those who are unsure of what they want to pursue in their future, we always encourage them to reach out! Whether it is to a member of the executive board or professionals who present, asking questions will always help gain an understanding of what you do and don't want. By joining SWB, you gain a network of experienced students and working professionals that are always willing to help. In addition to this, get more involved with what you are passionate about by applying to the Marketing Committee, Service Committee, or Media Committee where you can work in a small group of peers to collaborate and contribute more to SWB.
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