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SWB strives to give students the resources needed to grow professionally and personally. Learn more about how we help our members!

Mentorship Opportunities

Through a variety of different resources, we provide members with a holistic view of how to best use their resources to succeed in whatever field they hope to pursue

Our Mentor Program

Ask mentors about where they have worked or where they will be working. They have experience with the recruiting process and would be happy to help with interview prep, resume review, or anything else you might need!

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Mentorship Events

Our mentorship events provide a way to learn about each other’s experiences to grow members professionally and personally. Events range from workshops, panels, and guest speakers to develop well-rounded young professionals.

Our Advisor

Our advisor Kelly Jansen, Gies Admissions Director, not only hosts events on what it means to be a woman in business but also provides professional and personal advice to our members.

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What do our members have to say?

Karissa Liao - Spring 2021 New Member

"Joining SWB gave me access to an amazing group of people and the opportunity to learn from them through the mentoring events and mentoring program. Whether it was getting advice from the exec panel on various topics or personalized one-on-one chats with my mentor to talk about basically anything, hearing from all of these people made me feel more confident about what I would like to do in the future and reassured that I’ll have people to lean on if I ever needed anything."

Christina Tomala - Mentor and Professional Development Chair

"The mentoring program has been such a beneficial addition to the Society of Women in Business, and my experience as a mentor has been extremely rewarding! My mentees and I have had great conversations regarding resume reviews, the interview process, internships, class selections, involvement in SWB, and more. The mentorship program allows new members to have a personal resource with similar academic and personal interests, which I think is especially helpful on a campus as large as this one!"