About Us

The Society of Women in Business (SWB), was founded in the fall of 1998.

Our mission is to give women the essential skills and experiences to succeed in business.

We provide networking opportunities to female students by bringing business professionals to campus to speak to the organization about careers in a variety of business disciplines. We welcome all businesses and members in all fields of study. Our organization is also committed to giving back to the community by participating in a number of annual service events.

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Elite Member List

Thank You to All Our Elite Members!

(Attendance of at least 11 events in 1 semester!)

Elite Members for Fall 2016:

Danielle Baker

Elizabeth Barrera

Emily Bedard

Emma Bradford

Deborah Chang

Andrea Cho

Lok Yi Chook

Riley Corboy

Tanairy Delgado

Taylor Evonitz

Jessie Fang

Michaela Foreman

Irais Garcia

Melissa Garofalo

Lauren Gifford

Megan Graham

Courtney Hayman

Shelby Ifft

Maddie Jackson

Sunmin Lim

Brittany Marsh

Stephanie Mbi

Elena Ochoa

Keegan Prentice

Alyssa Retsky

Ashika Shah

Anmol Shah

Isabelle Siegel

Danaya Siripun

Maggie Sumbulla

Polyxeni Thanopoulos

Teagan Vogel

Rachel Wang

Emily Wortman

Bingxian Wu

Jennifer Yelin

Melody Zhou


Please contact the VP of Web Development, Ashika Shah, with any inquiries about this site at swb.uofi.web@gmail.com.