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Since 1998

Society of Women in Business

We are devoted to empowering diverse women to grow professionally and achieve success through professional developement workshops, mentoring events, and community outreach

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Our Mission

The Society of Women in Business is focused on growing our members through four pillars:


Become career ready

Learn more about your potential career field through various insightful company presentations and develop a network of women who are in business.


Give back to the community

We emphasize the importance of giving back to the community and host various fundraisers and volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.


Receive valuable feedback

Society of Women in Business encourages a collaborative area for women to be able to support other women whether it be advice for a specific career track or getting more involved on campus.


Meet new people

We host fun activities and events for women within our organization to get to know each other better. We strive to create a lively environment that better connects women to each other!

Why should I join?

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What companies do I get to learn about if I join SWB? How will talking to these industry professionals benefit me?

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How does the SWB mentor program work? What kinds of things can I learn from my mentor?

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If I am not a business major, how can SWB help me? What if I want to transfer into the Gies College of Business?

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What kinds of events do SWB members get to participate in and how do they better their community through these events?

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How can I build relationships with people just like me who want to learn more about business?

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What if I do not know what I want to major in or am unsure about how to select a career path?

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