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As current SWB members, click below to view your Status, your Requirements, and additional Resources.

If you have any questions about SWB events, points, or general questions, reach out to

Member Requirements

Dues: $20/semester due March 8th, 2022 (cash or Venmo @SWBUIUC)

After March 8th, dues are $20 + $10 late fee are due by March 27th to continue membership. If dues are not paid by this date, your membership will be discontinued.

Please reach out to with any questions about requirements!

Active Member Status
  • 3 Professional Event

  • 2 Social Event

  • 2 Mentoring Event

  • 2 Service Event

  • 1 Additional Event of Choice

10 Points
New Member's Active Status
  • Active Member Requirements

  • Mentor Meeting

  • 1 New Member Enrichment Event

11 Points
Elite Member Status
  • Active Member Status

  • One Additional Event of Choice

11 Points for Returning Members
12 Points for New Members

Our Mentor Program

Reach out to a mentor to ask them about their experiences. How examples of things you can ask include....

Work Experience

Ask mentors about their where they have worked or where they will be working. They have experience with the recruiting process and would be happy to help with interview prep or resume review

Get Involved

Our mentors are involved in a variety of different organizations around campus. If you want to get more involved, ask about their RSOs and how they have benefited form them

Schedule a chat with a mentor or just get to know them!

Meet the Mentors

Member Resources

Check out some of our resources below that can help you in your professional development.
SWB Resources

Messy room? No problem! Download our SWB branded virtual backgrounds and show your SWB pride 

Check out our Shared Drive - UNDER CONSTRUCTION to pick the best classes, learn about internship experiences, and get access to class notes!

Professional Resources

One of the best resources for business undergraduates who are looking for internships and jobs or are about to make their resume, write a cover letter, or interview.

If you are applying for executive board or are participating in an interview, we strongly recommend reading the article on interview success.

Personal Branding Resources

Interested in learning more about LinkedIn? Use these short, but informative, videos and presentations to assist you in building your profile and brand! 

Get More Involved

Learn more about the SWB Committees

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Media Committee

Media Committee members are responsible for our social media presence and assisting the Media chair with developing content. Media initiatives include: creating and gathering content and developing new ideas to increase social media presence.

Any questions about the media committee should be addressed to:

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Marketing Committee

The marketing committee increases the visibility of SWB around campus through various marketing activities. The committee is responsible for designing apparel and merchandise as well as creating promotional posters, banners, and other various marketing projects.

Any questions about the marketing committee should be addressed to:

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Service Committee

The service committee is a amazing way to give back to the local communities around Champaign and Urbana. Brainstorm and organize service events and fundraisers to make a difference. By working in a small team, your voice will be heard and see your ideas come to life. 

Any questions about the service committee should be addressed to:

FAQ About SWB Membership

"I signed up for an event/dinner and did not show up."
Before committing to an event with limited space, please check your schedule for conflicts. If you cannot attend an event you signed up for, you will be fined $5 if no excuse is provided 24 hours before the event start time. All documented illnesses or emergencies will be excused from the fine.
"I signed in at an event but I have not received credit for it."
Please allow executives a grace period to update the sheet. If nobody has been credited for an event yet, please wait patiently!
"How do I know if I am an active member?"
We take the requirements seriously, and we know you do too! So if you want to check if you're at active member status, or if you're close to it, please check the Excel spreadsheet for your name.
"I noticed that I was not counted for an event and others were."
If you feel that you have not been credited for an event, please email us at