Dave Tigges will be hosting an informational meeting on the ING Internship Program.  Please join him on Wednesday, February 19th, in room 1025 BIF at 5:00.  Feel free to contact Dave at dmt@ffcltd.com for additional information.

The Ultimate Power

                    “Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion         

                     into a figure.  But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others.  We are

                     merely born with the capability to do it.  The skill to mold it into what we want must be

                     learned and attentively cultivated.”


-        Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Our  ING internship is a full comprehensive career investigation.  Why or why not, would I choose to become a financial advisor as a career path?


Learn firsthand why business and community leaders are successful.  Ask your own questions, why and how they achieved.  What skills did they learn?  What obstacles did they overcome?  Would they do anything different?  Better?  Who or what was instrumental in their success?


You will survey consumers by giving them self discovery checklists.  Learn directly what people in the marketplace, think, know and are experiencing in their personal life journey in building their economic hopes and dreams.


Participate in authentic, dynamic discussions with fellow interns, young and experienced financial advisors about the what, how and why of a successful career path of a financial advisor.  Learn about the…………opportunities, rewards, challenges, obstacles, independence, controls, ownership, satisfaction, etc. etc.


Our experienced leaders will guide you through your assignments and projects to achieve meaningful and personal answers.   We are committed to helping you learn the path you would take, based on your abilities, as well as, your personal and professional objectives.  This is a rare opportunity to be fully in charge of your destiny from the very beginning of a new career.


The curriculum of the internship has been designed to be very flexible.  Most interns do a good part of the program in conjunction with school.  A general routine would be 4-6 hours per week over a 12-16 week period, right on campus.  This will usually include a 1 hour meeting with fellow interns and a Coordinator once a week.


 This internship is a one of a kind experience with growing momentum across some 30 colleges and universities in the Midwest.