The Forté Foundation is an organization whose mission is to launch women into a fulfilling career in business.  Our sponsors include MBA programs and Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Capital One, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, IBM, and PNC. 

Forté is excited to provide the members of Society of Women in Business with FREE career resources and advice for undergraduate women who are interested in business.

Below I’ve provided you with our Forté CareerLaunch for Women newsletter, designed for undergraduate women making the transition from campus to career.  This newsletter gives insights about the many resources that Forté offers for undergraduates, including:

·         Live and online events – Don’t miss our upcoming webinar, Summer Internship – Part 1: The Recruiting Process

·         Forte Virtual Campus – An interactive community where women can explore the various paths in business, get career advice, and much more

·         Forte Job Center – A job search and resume upload tool

·         Spotlights on Forté Sponsor Companies – In October, we shared information about launching a career at Deloitte

·         Premium College Membership – free to current college students with a address.

I hope you'll forward Forté Career Launch for Women (below) to the members of your club.  I’ll be in touch in the months to come, but please let me know if Forté can assist your club with in the meantime!



Jessica Cowan
Forté Partner Marketing Manager

About Forté Foundation
Forté is a non-profit organization and our mission is to launch women into fulfilling careers in business through access to education, opportunities and a community of successful women.