Dear Society of Women in Business,

I, Alan (friend of Katie D’amico), am currently serving as a guiding force for a child who needs a mentor in their life.  I have held an active role in College Mentors for Kids at my school, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

College Mentors for Kids is an innovative nonprofit that matches the talents and resources of college students with at-risk children in the nearby community.  With 15-20 activities during the school year, 1,500 children are brought to 24 college campuses throughout the Midwest to participate in one-on-one mentoring activities with 1,700 college student volunteers. Last year, students at University of Illinois started a chapter to serve children in the greater Champaign area. Through the mentor program, we accomplish our mission to connect college students with the most to give to kids who need it most.

The Mentor’s Impact:   

Our mentors are truly making an impact in the lives of children. After just one year in the program, kids become more engaged in school, have higher self-esteem and learn the importance of giving back to the community. The majority of children involved in College Mentors are potential first-generation college students and they do not have a tradition of higher education in their families. Learning about our three central themes--higher education and careers, culture and diversity, and community service--through guest speakers and hands-on activities that take place on the college campus allows them to realizenew opportunities for their future. Most importantly, our mentors provide these children with a caring, adult role model to help them look forward sooner and be able to give back later.

Contribute to their Success:        

Every child deserves a mentor who believes in them, and this is your chance to help make that a reality.  The University of Illinois chapter aims to serve 30 children this year but can only do so with your support.  Your generous donation will directly fund programming at the University of IllinoisChapterand will be used to cover costs such as transportation for children to be bused to campus and supplies for activities. Here is the impact your donation can make:

-          $20 will purchase snacks for this mentor’s little buddy for one semester

-          $40 will cover the costs of activity supplies for one group each week

-          $130 will pay for transportation to campus for this mentor’s little buddy for an entire year

Any contributions to the success of my mentor-buddy relationship would be greatly appreciated. Checks should be made payable to College Mentors for Kids; please write this mentor’s name in the memo line. Also, an online donation can also be accepted at: (directions attached on next sheet for PayPal donations to College Mentors for Kids).  Together, we can make a difference!