Just a few reminders from BCS about some upcoming programs that have deadlines this week; the deadline to apply for the Chicago: Audit Summer Leadership Program (Summer 2013 KPMG LLP) is this Saturday November 17th. Below are some tips for using the Advanced search on I-Link!

Steps for using ADVANCED SEARCH:

1.       In I-Link Business, go to Job Board/Illini NACElink/Advanced Search

2.       At the top of the Advanced Search Options, under “Search Agents” you will want to check the box next to “save as” and type in a title such as Kyle – Accy Intern Search

3.       Then, you will want to set fields

a.       Suggested field to set include Majors/Concentration, Position Type, Job Function (optional), Country, and Work Authorization

b.      If you have a specific industry or region in mind, you will want to complete those fields

4.       Click on “Submit “

Steps for using SEARCH AGENTS:

1.       In I-Link Business, go to Job Board/Illini NACElink/Search Agents

2.       Click on “Schedule”

3.       Under “Label,” it should say what you named when you checked the “save as “box in the Advanced Search (Note: You can set up more than one search agent.)

4.       Under “Enabled,” you should click “yes”

5.       Under “Period,” set how often you want to received updates; I suggest “Day”

6.       Under “Multiple,” set how often you want your frequency to run: I suggest “1”

7.       Under “Include only new results,” I suggest “yes”

8.       Click on “Submit”

By setting the search agent up this way, you will receive daily email updates about new postings that match the parameters that you have set for this specific search.

You also have the options to “Edit,” “Run,” or “Delete search agents form the Job Board/Illini NACElink/Search Agents page.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!!


Brianna Bradford